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Nobody tells a dying guy to shut up book

Nobody Tells a Dying Guy to Shut Up An Account of God’s Faithfulness

My wife attended a Woman’s retreat at Cedar Lake Ministries, Cedar Lake IN. The main speaker spoke on the book of Esther and talked about being brave. She highlighted a book about her father who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Dave and Beth faced this dreadful disease head on with faith and humor.  ... Read more
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What on Earth am I here for book written by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life

This is the big brother to the pamphlet reviewed : What on Earth am I here for? This is one of the bestselling nonfiction books in history. That tells us that the message of this book is relevant and the message is a welcome relief. This book has 42 chapters and is an intimate personal ... Read more
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What on Earth am I here for book written by Rick Warren

What on earth am I here for?

This is a booklet condensed  from The Purpose Driven Life book. It answers Life’s 3 biggest questions. The question of existence: Why am I alive? The question of significance: Does my life matter? The question of purpose: What on earth am I here for? If we are honest with ourselves, these questions come up in our lives often. ... Read more
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When Cancer Interrupts

When Cancer Interupts

Written from experience David Powlison provides Hope amid a Cancer diagnosis. “Your cancer diagnosis comes as a surprise-and not a pleasant surprise. It is a heard and threatening jolt.” Davis provides practical insight on how to walk by faith on a very difficult journey. God is with you as you walk through the valley of ... Read more
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Don't waste your cancer book written by John Piper

Don’t Waste Your Cancer

The title of this pamphlet caught my attention immediately. I never asked for Cancer so how can I waste it? Written from experience of having Cancer himself, John Piper speaks with great insight. He has 11 separate topics that he addresses. Topic 4 is “We waste our cancer if we seek comfort from odds rather ... Read more
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Suffering book written by Paul David Tripp


I have read quite a few books on suffering since being diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer. In this book I find a practical guide of how to work through suffering with Biblical counsel. Paul Tripp does this by sharing personal experience with instruction which is helpful instead of just raw theory and principles. It ... Read more
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