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I have shared this in a post on Caringbridge.org. I want to bring you up to date and also help you follow the progress that brings us to the present. This was posted on September 14, 2018. This was two weeks after I learned that I had stage 4 cancer. God is good through the journey.

We (Mark, Myself, Matt, Sarah and Brent) meet with Dr. Bose, our oncologist to go over the results of the CT Scan.  We digested a large amount of information.  Right now we feel like we are in a fog…still processing!

Mark has Stage 4 cancer in his liver which is most likely from the colon cancer that was discovered during a colonoscopy on August 31st.  He also has cancer in 1 kidney which is most likely a different cancer then the colon.

The liver is inoperable because the cancer is in multiple spots.  We will be seeing a team of doctors at University of Chicago Medical Center to confirm this diagnosis.  (Liver specialists).

There will not be surgery to remove the tumor from the colon.  Assuming the cancer in the liver is from the colon – chemotherapy will be started very soon to attack that cancer and shrink the tumor in the colon.  The tentative plan is chemo every 2 weeks (in the office for a drip and then take a fanny pack of chemo home to dispense in the next 48 hours each time).  This will probably start the first part of October.  This chemo is not as harsh with side affects as some so it is anticipated that Mark will be able to function normally as far as work etc.  Of course we will go week to week, day by day.

We have an appointment with Dr. Bose on Sept. 25th…before that appt. we hope to accomplish several things:
PET Scan to see if the cancer is any place else in the body
Liver Biopsy to determine the type of cancer (from colon or other)
Port insertion for receiving Chemo
Consult at UCMC with liver specialists to determine correct treatment of the cancer and how to proceed.

We are numb right now…processing what all of this means for our family and what the next months/years will look like.

We ask for your prayers for peace and grace…wisdom with all the decisions that need to be made.  We are burdened for our boys and their families as they deal with news about Dad and Grandpa…

The other night I came home from the store (Mark had gotten home from work while I was gone) and I found a beautiful rose and my favorite candy on the table with a thoughtful card from Mark.  He is worried about me :)….I know that feeling!  This side of cancer is brutal.  Watching a loved one going through it is so hard.  God has been faithful to us for many years and we are confident He will see us through this “storm”.

If you are reading this – you may know and love us very well or you are a friend, a neighbor or co-worker!  We appreciate all of you and the love and care you show us.

Thanks ahead of time for all of the encouragement, prayers and good wishes!


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